Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Flea Market Cravings Strike

Just 4 months, 7 snowstorms and 5ish or so pounds ago, we made our last trip to our favorite outdoor flea market. Like squirrels gathering nuts for the long winter months, we stuffed our SUVs full of delicious treasures in hopes that our last flea-market feast would feed our junk-loving, gypsy souls til Spring.

The flea market gods were shining down on us that brisk October morning....and nuts were plentiful.

 With the exception of the two perfect vintage dress forms we missed out on  - and nearly got run over for -  while chasing down one very lucky squirrel who spotted them before we was a good haul. Apparently, when a lucky squirrel is being chased by two hungry squirrels offering to buy his dress form, he can't hear very well. (In hindsight, we can see how chasing that lucky squirrel may have made him cling more tightly to his nuts).

At any rate, we did gather some goodies that day -  a great leathery trunk and a sweet, old suitcase that smelled like chicken and waffles. A gloriously old, arched window frame, a few chandelier crystals and a wooden birdcage. A dozen or so cherub floral picks and a stack of aged sheet music. We added our wares to the stash we'd been stockpiling all season. Our supply was abundant and our hearts were overflowing with gratitude. We were officially prepared for long wintry months with nary a flea market or garage sale in sight.

But that was one Polar Vortex ago. 

With frigid temperatures surrounding us for months, our supplies are dwindling and we are beginning to weaken. 

We have a mean craving for a heaping helping of Kane County Flea Market with a side of neighborhood garage sale. 

With more freaking cold weather in the forecast for another month, flea markets and garage sales cannot and will not feed us. 
Simply put, we need more nuts.

Thankfully, we have a plan. 
It's called Thrift Shopping. Indoors.

 Happy Thrifty Thursday, all!  Now, go get some nuts! 

P.S.  Kane County runs the first weekend of every month, March-December.

Note: Next week, we'll share some of our favorite thrift shop finds. See you then!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Matthew McConaughey Knows About Decorating

Unless you're our long, lost friend, Paige, who attends the Oscar's nearly every year with Julia Roberts (true story), there's a good chance you'd agree that most Oscar ceremonies are ceremoniously boring. 

Sorry Oscar, but outside of  playing Where's Waldo with our friend Paige, we've just never been into you. Until...last Sunday night, when this little thing happened called Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.  Then? We were in. Like, all in.  We stopped pinning and posting, put down our iPads and we gawked watched. Because the only thing that can trump a perfectly good Sunday night of cruising house porn on Pinterest while Ellen's serving pizza in the background, is Matthew McConaughey in a tux. (Please don't judge, we're creative souls and we need our visual stim). ;)

We won't lie... he had us at handsome. But when he spoke? Wow. Wowwy, wow, wow. His words were drizzled in the perfect Southern drawl. And he spoke with such truth. Such wisdom. Such soul

And do you know what he said to us??? He said, "Listen ladies of Collected Home & Event Styling"
 "...we all need something to look up to, something to look forward to...and someone to chase."
For real. That's what he said to us. Because he knows we Collected gals are chasing our dream. He's been there. He knows it's not easy.  He knows it's all going to be worth it. He gets it.

Oh, Matthew McConaughey. We didn't think we could love you more. But we do. And that's alright, alright, alright with us.