Thursday, May 29, 2014

Six Months Old and Going Glam

Last November, Collected Home & Event Styling was born  - a bouncing, burgeoning bundle of creativity. Six months in, we're right in the "sweet spot" of infancy....smiling a lot... sleeping through most nights.  People tell us our personality is really starting to shine. We're also cutting teeth - which means we have the occasional freak-out. But mostly, we're like the arm-flapping, drool-happy babies you see in a Gerber commercial. And we looooove to play. Especially with accessories.

There are a katrillion reasons we love playing with accessories. A few key accessories can deliver instant, style and interest, transforming a tired room into a fresh, of-the-moment space. Because they generally don't (have to) require a huge financial commitment, they give us a safe place to nod at trends and play with color, pattern and texture. This is good news for us fickle decorating types.

At the moment, we're loving Glam.  We're not talking about fussy, over-the-top, Lady Gaga GLAM. We're talking comfortable, everyday glam... special, but not overdone. A little here, a little  there. The idea is to make your room twinkle, with little bits of shiny embellishments.

So what if you're not the "decorating type" but your home desperately needs a little flair? Gotcha covered. Today we're sharing a few of our favorite GLAM accessories so you can go a little GLAM too...

  1. Mirrors.  Mirrors provide instant glam and are brilliant for reflecting light and creating size and space illusions. Look for mirrors in interesting shapes, sizes and finishes. Try a collage of several small mirrors to make a statement. Think beyond the wall. Mirrors can double as a great table-top trays or as a backdrop on a shelf.

2.  Lamps and Lighting.  Lighting is the key to creating ambiance and giving your home a warm, cozy feel, but also functions as the perfect GLAMMY accessory. Look for lamps with crystal or mercury glass bases...and chandeliers with crystals.  Think beyond plugged-in fixtures, too.  Lanterns and candles make great accessories - and there are endless varieties, shapes and sizes. Plus, everybody looks good in candlelight. Just saying.

3. Mercury Glass  Mercury glass (or silvered glass) was once called poor man's silver, but today it's one of the hottest trends in home decor. Whether you shop at Horchow or HomeGoods, you'll see mercury glass shining on the shelves in many forms. Look for mercury glass vases, lamps, urns or candlesticks.

If you're a DIYer (or even if you're not), you can easily make your own Mercury Glass.. Here's a link to a fantastic Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial. Really, it's easy. Just don't try to use anything other than the Krylon Looking Glass won't work.

4. Metallic Throw Pillows. Pillows truly warrant their own post (note to self), but since we're talking glam, we'll (try) to stay focused. Let's be honest... a metallic or sequined pillow does not exactly scream "come lounge with me" - or "put your head here."  But that's not the purpose of a sparkly pillow, plus, pillows don't talk, silly. She's simply there to shimmer and shine. Look for pillows with metallic weaves or beading. One or two will do the trick when mixed with a few other softer, lux fabrics.

5. Bottles and Decanters.  Obsessed with these. Crystal, mercury glass or recycled wine bottles. Gorgeous in a grouping or on a tray. We've scored a few crystal decanters while thrifting here and there but we've had the most fun decorating our own bottles.

Everybody needs a little GLAM...and even though we're only six months old, we know what we're talking about.

Now, go grab yourself some sparkle, Collected Society.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Planter Revival

Hey Y'all! It's Thrifty Thursday!

I have been dying to try that out. Y'all that is. I have a serious case of Southern accent envy. I have my own special blend of Tennessee-Texas-Louisiana-Yankee speak and when I pull it out -  it drives my family plum crazy. I reckon if I don't stop, they're gonna give me a swift-kick-boot in the ree-ah.  Bein' it's Thrifty Thursday, I best be gittin' down to business and sharin' some thrifty pie with y'all. Okaaaaaay.  I'll stop.

About four years ago, the search to find two perfect planters for my entryway finally came to an end. It was a lengthy search that was beginning to seem impossible.  But day...I spotted them at Costco.  It was love at first sight - and the price was right.

This is what they looked like in their hay day...tall dark and handsome.

After a few years of weathering hot summers, plenty of watering and BEYOND FRIGID winter temperatures (yep, I'm still bitter), they looked like this...

The paint was peeling and losing it's luster. They had seen better days and were starting to shame everyone around them. But, I remembered when we first met...that perfect moment when I knew my search was over...  I just couldn't let them go.  Plus, buying new planters was not in the budget. So, I got thrifty, and went to work.

First, I shuffled on over to Home Depot for some Rustoleum Flat Gray Primer and Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I'm not always a rule follower and sometimes skip the priming step.  But since these are for outdoor use and have to stand up to the elements, I decided to do it right. After a light sanding to smooth the peeling paint, I applied one coat of primer.  Then, they looked like this...

After letting the primer dry (about 30 minutes), I moved on to fun part. I let the Oil Rubbed Bronze loose on these babies and they started to perk up instantly. Two coats later, they were looking migh-ty fine. Handsome as ever and ready to take on the ladies.

For less than $12, these planters have a new lease on life and the ladies seem very happy... all tucked in and ready to grow.

Now, this Yankee is fixin' to find a few more things that need a little love and oil rubbed bronze. Might I suggest you do the same.... 

Happy Thrifty Thursday, y'all!